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Q :Why will a retailer register with us?

A :Visibility is of utmost importance. To garner that visibility amongst freedom shoppers is one of the main reasons why retailers should register. Also it would give them an added advantage of broadcasting offers in one click to many platforms. Plus they can compile a list of loyal & regular consumers for promoting exciting offers in real-time.

Q :What would a retail brand gain from registering with us?

A :For a brand, it is difficult to keep a check on all of the outlet it operates. Through Freedom desi app, retailers would be able to manage schemes, data and keep a check over analytics. The platform provides more control to managers to manage schemes and evaluate footfall.

Q :Why a mall & markets management should connect with us?

A :Information is vital component when it comes to shop in a mall & markets. With Freedom get indoor maps & all your retailers listed on cloud panel. Provide access information of all stores & vital mall & markets information like Housekeeping, Security, Transport, Lost & Found, Wheelchair Assistance and more for the benefit of Shopper. Effective promotion of the mall & markets is something that can be achieved through use of Freedom desi app. Also, a fresh revenue scheme will come as more new users would involve Freedom desi app as a part of their shopping spree. We are sweetening up the deal by providing them incentives like a certain amount of cash with every data they verify & maintain.

Q :Why will freedom desi team work with me?

A :Motivation and self-sufficiency are key aggregators in the path to success. Through being a part of the Freedom family, the desi team would not just have a stable monetary in-flow but also help in building an ecosystem aligned with vision. The individual recognition they would get would convince them that Freedom is the place to be.

Q :What are the benefits for shoppers from using App?

A :Shopping is an experience & at we build experience using information, engagement & seamless payments while shopping. Shopping can turn out to be difficult experience, without prior information of the shops present or the offers of the day. Through Freedom desi app we want to provide an enhanced experience while shopping. It provides ease in browsing shops and its offers, connecting to the retailers they love while providing Freedom points with offers availed. The unique feature of this app is its monetary intelligent algorithm engine that populates the offers & events of your interest on a shake of your phone i.e. one can shake to view offers nearby, pay the bill. It is indeed an engaging app for discovering malls & markets from anywhere.

Q :How will we ensure data accuracy?

A :There are two options provided- through manual verification by the freedom team or through electronic medium by one-time password. The shopper data is verified so that retailers can take them with utmost priority.

Q :Why should I keep the app in my phone?

A :For the benefit of the user, our app has 4 kinds of notifications:

  • Freedom notification: Freedom’s promos.
  • Retailer’s notification: Great offers by retailer’s nearby.
  • Friend’s notification: Link up through social media account to see purchase by friends.
  • Mall’s & Market's notification: Notifications from your favourite malls & markets about events, etc
Q :Why will the retailer feel the need for the app?

A : The following objectives of the retailer will be fulfilled:

  • Be listed on a global retail platform of
  • The list management of loyal customers is simple & real time.
  • Broadcast marketing message effectively nearby & customer list.
  • Get notified on all actions done by shopper related to your store.
  • Increase footfall & conversions along with Popularity Index.
Q :How will the retail brand use freedom cloud on a regular basis?

A :The use of Freedom app is symmetrical to use of any other app. It provides the ease of managing outlet data and managers, providing quick and easy ways to generate and spread offers. He can promote offers in all social media platform through a click. Also global and local outspread of offers can be easily taken charge of. Finally, retailers can be located with ease through the cloud.

Q :How can trade show find importance of the platform?

A : Not just retailers, but trade shows can benefit from us:

  • Enabling each trade show participants with personalized Freedom Desks.
  • Using the innovative technology of beacons for indoor mapping
  • Creating announcement, through the app, to build up hype.
  • Freedom users rating retailers/visited stalls

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