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Freedom revolutionizes the retail industry by giving the outlets a medium to communicate with their prospective customers. Attracting customers have never been easier and more exciting. The retailers can create offers and push them via a medium. Proximity based offers will enable them to target the customers which are close by.


Shopping Mall & Markets

Imagine a mall & markets which is as a whole trying to communicate with the customers nearby. Trying to push offers/discounts at them whitout much hassels. This is what Freedom will accomplish. Malls, Markets and Shopping arcades will now enjoy an array of integrated promotions.



Keeping a tab of customer walkins will be a thing of the past with Freedom enabled footfall sensors. Just apply these on various locations of the mall & markets and witness the new dawn of analytics such as number of customers coming in, repeat customers etc.


Heat Map

Freedom enabled footfall sensors will let you know the most frequented areas in an outlet or for that matter the whole mall & markets. When fitted on various strategic locations they will give you the trend being followed by the customers when it comes to visiting their favorite outlets and sections.



Queue management will take a leap forward with solutions from freedom.
Buyers waiting in line will be subjected to various onslaught of offers and discount options.

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