Brand Policy

Usage of all logos available on is subject to our brand guidelines mentioned below. allows partners, customers, third party developers and members to use its name, trademarks, logos, screenshots and other brand features as specified in these guidelines. By using logos and trademarks, you agree to adhere to these guidelines about the terms and use requirements mentioned below.

Our logo

Our logo aptly depicts our company’s motto “Connecting Retail”. It denotes a particular location at which a person is on travelling & desires to connect with nearby businesses.

At the same time it is a aggressive red color & progressive arrow leading the retailers business towards growth. Our logos can be downloaded from here, you are requested to use our company logo while using any of our information on your website, mobile app or otherwise for any commercial and non-commercial use. However, while doing so do take care of our logo colors & size provided below.

  • The logo should only be reproduced from the master digital artwork supplied here on our website.
  • When logo is used digitally or printed in full color the logo should only appear in the two corporate colors: Red and Grey.
  • Always use the White scale version of the logo when printing in black and white.
  • To ensure accurate color reproduction the colors for all applications should match the RGB (desktop) specifications provided here:
  • For legibility reasons, a minimum size at which the logo may be reproduced is recommended, the logo should never be reproduced any smaller than 50 px width/ 50px height.
  • Correct usage of the logos against various backgrounds:
Don'ts: logo must never be altered or recreated without the prior permission of Here are some of the important 'Don'ts' to be kept in mind while using our logo.

  • Don't reverse the, logo on colored backgrounds.
  • Do not rotate or tilt the logo.
  • Don't alter the transparency of the logo.
  • Don’t use the logo in grayscale.
  • Do not reproduce The logo in colors other than those specified in this document.
  • Never Change The Badge Color.
  • Don't skew the logo.
  • Do not attempt to modify the logo.
  • Don't crop the logo
Usage Guidelines for Banner, Logo

We have two separate versions of our logo that can be used for different purposes. Here are the instructions on when to use different versions of our logo can be used.

Freedom Banner:

Please use the Banner in the documents, ad banners or wherever there is no background information about our company or our work. banner gives a clear message to the readers that we are a company connecting retailers & business nearby. Here are a few instances when it is necessary to use banner:

  • In presentations, Banner should appear on the opening and closing slides of a presentation.
  • Banner should be used in print media when there is no specific details available about our business.
Freedom Logo:

Arrow is an icon that can be used along with banner or logo. It is just an icon and therefore, can be used only in places where a previous reference to a company connecting retailers & business nearby has been made. Here are a few instances where, Arrow can be used:

  • On business cards, Banner should be used on the front-facing side. The arrow should be used on the back-side.
  • Arrow to be used in the internal slides of a presentation.
  • Here are few samples portraying the usage of all three versions of Logo on various collaterals:
Our Trademark

Freedom logo is a registered trademark of Swaran Soft Support Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
You should include this attribution, as applicable, with your other trademark and copyright notices.