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Freedom Desi - We believe that humans survive better in groups so do their businesses.

By 2020 Global Retail Industry Worth will be USD 28 Trillion. The offline retail market in India will be reaching $1 trillion by 2020. A study by advisory firm Ernst & Young says the current market is close to $600 billion in size, organised retailing (including e-commerce) is less than 10 percent of the market. Ninety percent of them are semi-organised and are waiting to organise themselves and serve their target audience better.

Vision: Building Connected Retail

To promote shopping, retail trade & malls & markets in World. To facilitate and propagate practices and processes that will augment the growth of mall shopping in World. To usher in global standards and the latest concepts in the mall industry. To synergize marketing initiatives of the malls & markets industry.


Smart Malls & markets 2020

To be a dominant No.1 Player for Providing Information , Navigation, Engagement & Payment Options for Shopping in Malls & markets of the World.
Our Team
Yogesh Huja

Yogesh Huja, Entrepreneur

CEO & Founder

Yogesh Huja

Ankit Malik

CTO & Big Data Specialist

Yogesh Huja

Shivani Huja

CSO, Sales & Mktg

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